Orphan Trains in Kansas

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What were the Orphan Trains/




Folk & Traditional Song Lyrics

Orphan Train
(Utah Phillips)
Once I had a darling mother, though I can't recall her name
I had a baby brother who I'll never see again
For the Children's Home is sending us out on the Orphan Train
To try to find someone to take us in
cho: Take us in, we have rode the Orphan Train
Take us in, we need a home, we need a name
Take us in, oh won't you be our kin
We are looking for someone to take us in
I have stolen from the poorbox, I've begged the city streets
I've swabbed the bars and poolrooms for a little bite to eat
In my daddy's old green jacket and these rags upon my feet
I've been looking for someone to take me in
The Children's Home they gathered us, me and all the rest
They taught us to sit quietly until the food was blest
Then they put us on the Orphan Train and sent us way out West
To try to find someone to take us in.
The farmers and their families they came from miles around
We lined up on the platform of the station in each town
And one by one we parted like some living lost-and-found
And one by one we all were taken in
Now there's many a fine doctor or a teacher in your school
There's many a good preacher who can teach the Golden Rule
Who started out an orphan sleeping in the freezing rain
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Whose life began out on the Orphan Train.

Visit www.traditionalmusic.co.uk for more songs.

orphan train

Between 1867 and 1930 somewhere in the range of 5000-6000 childrend were transported via Orphan Trains to new lives in Kansas. For more information about these trains see the links below.




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